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The beauty of nature

Back to basic, back to Nature

We simply forgot. Carried away in this crazy lifestyle, we forgot that Nature provides us with Beauty.

Not so long ago industrialization allowed us with more comfort and luxury, yet our skin started to scratch/itch/react/dry. It turns out that many chemicals such as synthetic detergents were simply damaging our skin barrier, stopping it from doing its job anymore: protecting and comforting.

It also turns out that saponification is coming back in our recipe beauty books thus cold process soaps. Like the good old days.

Your skin's best friend

Skin cleansing is probably the most important step in the beauty routine. Our soaps will help you to get that shiny, glowing, and clean skin you deserve and wish for.

We use our Aloe Vera juice and a blend of olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil to create the perfect base to protect your skin's hydrolipidic barrier.

We then add a little touch from Mother Nature in each of our soaps to provide you with the best combination such as goat milk, volcanic ashes, prickle pear, lavender...

Environment's best friend

By using our soaps you contribute to keep our planet clean. No detergent, no silicones or other synthetic ingredients that will pollute our waters, only natural ingredients that are biodegradable.
A soap bar preserved on a draining soap dish or in a hanging glove has a life of almost 2*250ml shower gel, which considerably reduces the use of plastic therefore non degrade the planet.

Your skin, your planet

By using our soaps you also contribute to the artisanal way of life of a family company. We produce soaps of high quality, which contain only natural and rich ingredients suitable for all skin types and conditions.
We also want to enlighten the fact that compared to industrial soap bars which are stripped of their glycerin (which is an expensive ingredient in itself), our soaps maintain all the glycerin, providing your skin with one of the best humectant product ever existing.
Enjoy a nice long hot soapy shower.

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